A Silver Lining: Malta’s Compensation Gesture for Summer Power-Cuts


The summer of 2023 was a challenging period for Malta, with residents and businesses grappling with power outages spurred by an excessive heatwave. The Government of Malta, cognizant of the inconvenience caused, has rolled out a compensation scheme to alleviate the distress experienced by the populace. Here’s a closer look at the government’s compensatory measures in response to the summer power disruptions:

  1. Appliance Compensation Scheme:
    • Enemalta, under the stewardship of Energy Minister Miriam Dalli, initiated a compensation scheme targeting individuals whose appliances were affected by the power cuts. Alongside this, Minister Dalli highlighted the government’s €400 million energy subsidies as a significant compensatory measure for the populace​ 1​.
  2. Energy Compensation Scheme:
    • A specific Energy Compensation Scheme was introduced to provide ex-gratia payments for those affected by the prolonged power outages between July 17th and 27th, 2023. The compensation is calculated based on the average monthly electricity consumption from June, July, and August 2022, providing a semblance of relief for the affected accounts ​2​.
  3. One-Time Compensation of up to €110:
    • A one-time compensation amounting to a maximum of €110 was announced for households that experienced power cuts lasting at least six hours during the specified period in July. This measure aimed to provide immediate relief to families who were inconvenienced by the power disruptions ​3​.
  4. Automatic Credit to Utility Bills:
    • Both households and businesses that faced over six hours of power cuts last July are entitled to a one-time payment. This compensation will materialise as an automatic credit on their utility bills, calculated based on the average consumption during a corresponding three-month period ​4​.

The government’s multifaceted approach towards compensating affected individuals illustrates a proactive stance in assuaging the challenges faced during the summer power outages. By offering a mix of financial relief and utility bill credits, the authorities aim to cushion the impact of the power cuts and provide a form of restitution for the inconvenience endured

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