Navigating the Compliance Sea: E-commerce Businesses and DAC6/DAC7


The digital wave has undoubtedly propelled businesses into a new era of commerce, one where transactions glide smoothly across the virtual space. However, with this digital drift comes the imperative of sailing in tune with regulatory winds. The EU’s Directives on Administrative Cooperation, DAC6 and DAC7, serve as these winds for e-commerce businesses operating in Malta. As we sail deeper into the compliance sea, understanding these directives and adapting to their mandates is vital. Let’s hoist the sails and explore the compliance journey under DAC6 and DAC7.

Compliance Essentials:

Complying with DAC6 involves navigating the Mandatory Disclosure Rules (MDRs), which require intermediaries and taxpayers to report certain cross-border arrangements. For e-commerce businesses, understanding the reporting obligations and ensuring timely disclosure is paramount. On the other hand, DAC7 ushers in reporting mandates for digital platform operators regarding the income earned by sellers on their platforms. Navigating these compliance essentials ensures a smooth sail towards a transparent and cooperative e-commerce ecosystem.

Technological Adaptations:

Sailing the digital commerce seas requires a sturdy vessel, and technology serves as the hull of this vessel. Adapting to the reporting requirements under DAC6 and DAC7 may necessitate technological upgrades. Implementing advanced reporting systems to capture, process, and report the required data is a step towards ensuring compliance. Moreover, harnessing automation and data analytics can streamline the reporting process, ensuring accuracy and timeliness in meeting the directives’ mandates.

Industry Support:

No sailor ventures into the open sea without a compass and a map. Similarly, e-commerce businesses can leverage support from industry associations and governmental bodies as they navigate the compliance pathway. Engaging with professional advisors, attending industry workshops, and tapping into governmental support programs can provide the requisite guidance. Moreover, networking with industry peers to share experiences and best practices can serve as a lighthouse, illuminating the compliance journey amidst the regulatory fog.


The voyage towards compliance under DAC6 and DAC7 is an integral part of the broader journey towards fostering a transparent and cooperative e-commerce ecosystem in Malta. Although the sea of compliance may seem daunting, with the right preparations, technological adaptations, and industry support, e-commerce businesses can navigate these waters proficiently. As we set sail towards a new horizon of digital commerce, staying attuned to the regulatory winds and adapting our sails is the essence of a smooth voyage.

In the upcoming blog post, we will delve into the ripple effects of DAC6 and DAC7 on Malta’s e-commerce ecosystem, exploring how enhanced transparency and competitive evolution are shaping the digital commerce shoreline. Stay anchored as we continue to navigate the intriguing waters of DAC6, DAC7, and the e-commerce realm in Malta.

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