Audit & Assurance

UHY Malta, is an audit firm authorized to carry out audit work in Malta.

Audit & Assurance Services

Financial statement audits: Our firm conducts financial statement audits to provide assurance that a company’s financial statements are accurate and comply with relevant accounting standards and regulations.

Compliance audits: We conduct compliance audits to ensure that a company is adhering to relevant laws and regulations. This can include audits of financial reporting, data privacy, and other areas of compliance.

Due diligence: Our firm performs due diligence reviews to help clients evaluate the financial and operational risks associated with mergers and acquisitions, investments, and other business transactions.

Special purpose audits: We perform special purpose audits, such as audits of specific business processes or transactions, or audits of specific financial statements, such as the statement of cash flows.

Reviews and compilations: In addition to audits, our firm also provides review and compilation services. These services involve providing non-assurance work on management financial statements based on information provided by clients.