Tax, Compliance & Payroll

Uhy Malta offers Payroll services to small companies and large corporations. 

Tax, Compliance & Payroll Services

Tax Services: We help businesses comply with tax laws and regulations by offering services such as tax planning, tax preparation, and tax filing. Tax planning involves identifying tax-saving opportunities for businesses, while tax preparation and filing ensure that businesses accurately report and pay their taxes. Our firm also represents businesses in the event of tax audits.

Compliance Services: We help businesses remain compliant with various laws and regulations by offering compliance services such as financial reporting, auditing, and internal controls. Compliance with laws and international regulations can prove to be complex, however, due to our international reach we can help businesses navigate through these requirements to avoid penalties and reputational damage.

Payroll Services: We offer payroll services to help businesses efficiently manage their payroll processes. This includes services such as calculating and filing payroll taxes, managing employee benefits and providing HR support. Payroll services can help businesses save time and reduce the risk of compliance issues.